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A Festival of Project Spaces

A Festival of Project Spaces - A trip through Amsterdam’s experimental art scene

Van Eyck participant Simon Wald-Lasowski and alumni François Dey, Jean Baptiste Maitre and Katrin Kamrau partake in A Festival of Project Spaces.

The festival puts the spotlight on the diverse collection of project spaces, art(ist-run) initiatives and platforms in Amsterdam. A Festival is specifically about showing the Amsterdam project spaces scene, during a weekend in which the capital's art scene is central. Our goal is to generate visibility for these particular spaces in Amsterdam. At the same time, A Festival functions as a field research on the different ways of exhibiting and presenting by project spaces.

A Festival, during Amsterdam Art Weekend, 24 - 27 November 2016, organized by K_nstvl___ 

With: 4bid, Apice for Artists, BANK,The Bookstore, Corridor Project Space, fanfare, Framer Framed, Fontrodona Art Space, Goleb, I Am With Her Records, If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part of Your Revolution, Kijkdoos, Klupko, Kunstverein, Lokaal 1B, Lost & Found, M4gastatelier, MILK, Multiple Choice, Neverneverland, Nieuw Dakota, P/////AKT, Paleis van Mieris, Peer, Plan B, Polly’s Picture Show, PuntWG, Samet Yilmaz, San Serriffe, Schatjes, Side Room, De Vitrine, Vondelbunker, W139 & Zoete Broodjes


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