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Homeless Movies

Van Eyck participant Katrin Kamrau partakes in Homeless Movies in Ghent (BE)

HOMELESS MOVIES is an ode to home movies, films once recorded in an intimate family setting with the intention of creating shared family memories. The experience of watching home movies will serve as the focal point both inside and outside of the museum’s walls.

Mekhitar Garabedian - Nora (Gentbrugge, 2000), Laurice & Nora (Gentbrugge, 2010), Nora (Gentbrugge, 2016)  - 4'17"
Eva Giolo - Gil - 4'43"
Katrin Kamrau - Reference - 4'25"
Jasper Rigole - A house is not a home - 3'05"
Meggy Rustamova - Gemini - 3'05"
Lisa Spilliaert - Pic-Nic - 3'08"


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