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The Materiality of the Invisible

The Materiality of the Invisible exhibition reflects upon contemporary art as a form of archaeology; as an art that exposes and explores layers that were beneath the surface; art that reconstructs, that carries forms of memory within itself, that probes the materiality of what surrounds us; art that passes the present on to the future, that discovers the past and hence changes the present; art that reveals what was invisible; as an art that reconstructs realities from shards.

The Van Eyck is a partner in the multi-year EU project NEARCH ‒ New Approaches to Archaeology. The Materiality of the Invisible is one of several themes touched on by NEARCH. It forms the starting point for research into what it is that connects and distinguishes the work of artists and archaeologists. It presents an opportunity to learn about the respective professions, as well as to exchange knowledge and to debate their fundamental assumptions, in a period of rapid change and shifting cultural positions.

The exhibition is the result of this project. The Materiality of the Invisible is organized by the Van Eyck in collaboration with Marres and Bureau Europa, and can be visited at all three venues. 

The opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 29th of August coincides with the annual meeting of the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists), which is taking place in Maastricht in 2017. 
The exhibtion will run until 29th of October 2017.


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