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The (In)comprehensible Government

Since the Provinces have lately been pressurized into merging in the near future, it is important to reformulate the legitimacy of the regional authorities. Hence, Van Eyck Mirror initiated an artistic research project that was run by an interdisciplinary team consisting of Van Eyck participants, MA students at Maastricht University and civil servants of the Province of Limburg. This team set out to develop social and cultural products, concepts and services that enhance the visibility and transparency of the regional government. The first symposium and kick-off of the research project was held on 29 October 2013 with speakers: René Bijlmakers (strategic advisor Province of Limburg), Arjan Widlak (director Kafkabrigade), Chris Sigaloff (director Kennisland).
In spring 2014 the project started with its second, concept phase that took the form of an artist-in-residence programme at the "Gouvernement" of the Province of Limburg. In May and June two workshop sessions were held, in which participants of the Van Eyck worked together under the guidance of professionals with diverse backgrounds. Following the brainstorming sessions and master classes they  individually or in collaboration, presented a project to develop new types of social products and services that the provincial government can use to generate more visibility and that testify to their legitimacy.Irene Fortuyn, artist, Head of the departement Man & Leisure of the Design Academy Eindhoven, tutor at KABK Den Haag nd co-founder of LabMinds and Kennisland, a thinktank for social innovation,  led the workshops.


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