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Things that go Bump

Museumnacht Maastricht in de Van Eyck

Een avond vol performances, voordrachten en jamsessies geprogrammeerd in samenwerking met kunstenaar Rod Summers

7 april 2017
20.00 – 01.00 uur

Tijdens de Museumnacht wordt de Van Eyck bezet door klanken, stemmen, instrumenten, beelden en poëzie. Kunstenaars, musici, professionals en studenten laten van zich horen op het open podium.

Bezoekers van de Museumnacht worden uitgenodigd bij te dragen aan deze versmelting van klank, stem en verbeelding. Pak je smartphone vol muziek, SynthMaster of Ableton app, breng je keyboard mee of vindt een andere manier om geluid te maken en jam samen in de Van Eyck tijdens de Museumnacht Maastricht. Om middernacht komen alle geluiden samen in The Grand Jam.



Enzo Minarelli (IT)
Romanzi nelle i, polypoetical work n.11 for Abraham Abulafia
A performance inspired by the cabbala of rabbi Abulafia (XIII Century) and sound poetry. Only voice, permutation and Enzo’s triadic respiration

Francisco López (ES)
Hyper-Rainforest (2014)
A vital collage of non-transformed rainforest recordings from 17 different countries

John & Cathy Bennett (US)
Collaborative performance poetry by C. Mehrl Bennett & John M. Bennett

Jürgen O Olbrich (DE) 
Video performance

Ken Montgomery (US)
Live demonstration of “Something is Happening” technologies, aka kitchen table noise and postcard production, JUST using the available resources of the moment

Laura Puska (FI)
Where the ways were
A performance by Finnish artist Laura Puska streamed via Skype from Iran. Puska is currently working in the art studio of Bon Gah in Keresht on her long-term work titled as the Living Room Project. It is a series of site-specific installations taking place in three locations; Finland (December 2016), Iran (current) and UK (coming). By placing herself in a foreign environment, works are created in a dialogue and as a reaction to the surroundings. The project observes the relationship between the individual and the surroundings, while it simultaneously aims to define the identities of both elements. The performance is a part of the second edition of the Living Room Project, and it is formed from materials collected during the working period in Iran

Martin La Roche (CL)
Four millions four, four Comas
Martin La Roche and Rod Summers work together on a sound poem piece using an audio sampler

Mike Kramer (AUS/NL)
Mike Kramer meets Core Shift internal affairs
Sound artist Mike Kramer will present new audio work especially composed for the Museum Night. His work is a quadrophonic piece. The sounds used for the composition are derived from electromagnetic fields embedded in the architectural structure and various electronic devices, which are all present at the Van Eyck

Rod Summers (US)
Is there anybody out there?
Minimalist installation

Sara Bjornsdottir  (UK)
Pharmacy of sound
Pharmacy Of Sound is an inspiration drawn from the sounds of a big city. Rather then being about the sounds of the city, this piece is about the impact and the pull, the anticipation that we feel lingering in the air

The Black Box Performance
The New Movement have, especially 'composed' and prepared a piece for Things That Go Bump. An 'anti' symphony written for duo of grand-hammer and handsaw in A-minor.
"Destruction is also creation!" -Marcel Duchamp

Timo van Luijk (BE)
Modular Bells
Fully acoustic sound performance with assembled metal tubes and objects mounted to 2 wooden handles held in each hand. Dynamic sound experience ranging from soft chime whispers to clattering cacophony

Vittore Baroni (IT)
Bumpity bumpity bump by Lieutenant Murnau
In the underground tradition of collective identities that goes from Monty Cantsin to Luther Blissett and Anonymous, Lieutenant Murnau is a "multiple name" adopted by Vittore Baroni and other international mail artists to produce collage audio works "without playing a single note". The first cassette of this ghost band, Meet Lt. Murnau, was published in 1980 in the Netherlands by Rod Summers' V.E.C. editions. The project ended in 1984, but occasionally the "sound vampire" comes out of the tomb for new actions of radical turntablism, playing "prepared records" and other bizarre devices. In this case, Lt. Murnau performs a live cut-up of songs that go "Bumpity Bump" - from Lady Bump by Penny McLean to Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman) by Joe Tex - but also "Boom Boody-Boom" (as in Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren's Goodness Gracious Me)

+ Mystery Guest

+ You can listen to works by many audio artists and sound poets via headphone listening





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