Christoph Knoth

Onderzoeker ontwerpen / Researcher Design
01.01.12 – 31.12.12
jve [at] christoph-knoth [dot] com

My research analyses the changes that the computer brought to the type design industry – starting with the early historical samples that show first approaches in a mathematical font notation, followed by the history of the digitisation of the curve and concluding with the history of computer-generated type faces.

The investigation of digital type design furthermore debates the possibility of a program that will make the creation of letters easier and faster. It also investigates certain constraints that accompany computational font generation and asks if the creation of new shapes and forms, which could not have been done or even thought of before, is possible.

At the Jan van Eyck I would like to intensify the programming aspect of computer-generated typefaces and to explore the possibilities of collaborative internet-centred design to further democratise the production of type and typography.