An Onghena (BE)

With a twist of fiction and humor An Onghena (1992 BE) explores the boundaries between science and art. She is fascinated by systems behind the world in an attempt to understand the unknown. In a daily routine, Onghena makes handprinted works on the Gestetner 360 Mimeograph. The works contains her whole archive and contributions of others participants. In another part of her practice Onghena works around the role of paper, the book, publication and editions. An Onghena is graduated as MA in graphic design at St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. In 2016 she continued her research based practise at the postgraduate course Master of Research in Art & Design and she was awarded as laureate of Toegepast20 in z33. 

Performance for the book

Page 6- Hold the book - 2' 23"




Van Eyck Academie

Hierbij geef ik me op voor de Van Eyck nieuwsbrief