Roos van Rijswijk (NL)

Roos van Rijswijk publishes short stories, essays and reviews in (literary) magazines and newspapers and is one of the founders of the J.M.A. Biesheuvelprijs, a yearly award for the best short story collection in Dutch language. In 2016 she published the novel 'Onheilig' (Unholy) at publisher Querido, and for it received the Anton Wachterprijs - a bi-annual award for the beste debut novel. Together with Niek Hendrix she made a book called 'Calligram' - Hendrix provided images and design, Roos wrote a prose poem associated with those images.

At Jan van Eyck she worked on her second novel. She also collected ghost stories from participants, family and friends, which she used to write a small collection of short ghost stories and poems, from the viewpoint of the ghosts people told her about. What's it like to not exist, to long for a body, to remember a life? The collection 'Wat ben ik meer dan stilte / What am I now but silence' will be published at Van Eyck in spring 2018.




Van Eyck Academie

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