Quenton Miller (AU/GB_NL)

Quenton Miller is an artist, writer and amateur detective whose work investigates means of circulation, often travelling into hidden or virtual spaces. Recent exhibitions include Centrale Fies, Trentino, SMBA, Amsterdam, Apex Art, New York, 1646, the Hague, Joey Ramone, Rotterdam & West Space, Melbourne, & site-specific projects for the Design Museum, Gent, Art Rotterdam & D21, Leipzig. Works published, performed or otherwise circulated by the Believer, Guernica, NOON, Archive Books, The Age Newspaper, McSweeneys, The Minus Times and Action Publishing Collective. Studied at DAI & MAR/KABK.  

> http://www.quentonmiller.com/


Van Eyck Academie

Hierbij geef ik me op voor de Van Eyck nieuwsbrief