Femke de Vries (NL)

Femke de Vries explores the interaction between clothing as material objects of use and fashion as a process of value production. Her research-led practice is driven by collaboration and participation, and results in works that connect theory and practice. Through re-readings from various perspectives, she aims to expose workings of fashion / modes of fashioning. Seeking alternative scenarios for makers and users she takes in consideration the role of fashion communication formats, cultural references and material culture questioning hierarchies, mystification, alienation and emphasizing the physical reality of use. 

She has a background in Fashion Design and Fashion Strategy (ArtEZ Fashion Masters). In collaboration with Onomatopee she published two books: Fashioning Value – Undressing Ornament (2015, reprint 2018) and Dictionary Dressings (2016). She lectures at various universities (amongst which ArtEZ Fashion Masters, Fashion Strategy) and has developed specialized educational programs in the field of fashion research.

Together with Hanka van der Voet and Elisa van Joolen she founded Warehouse, a place for clothes in context in Amsterdam.

> http://www.femkedevries.com


Van Eyck Academie

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