Anne Huijnen (NL)

Collaboration is central in the work of Anne Huijnen (1983). In addition to the 'Polly's Picture Show' started in 2011, she is constantly looking for collaborations in her own work; whether with fellow artists, or with and between objects and spectators. In some collaborations, Anne only actively participates by setting up a playing field and groundrules, allowing human and non-human actors to then interact and react freely, threading the fine line between chaos and order. Anne is interested in the social rules and codes of conduct that become visible through these exercises, the way in which they relate to their scenography and the possibility to underline and dramatize them.

The photographic gaze, implicit in her education, is not translated into a desire to freeze moments and capture them, but rather as a desire to construct a frame through which dynamic scenes are observed. But while blemishes and imperfections can be polished away in photographs, in her spatial installations and meetings Huijnen emphasises the backdrop of this illusion. This tug-of-war between theatrical engagement and repulsion creates an uncanny feeling whereby the actors involved are made to doubt their position and role in the whole.




Van Eyck Academie

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