Hasabie Kidanu (ET/US)

'My work tools with printmaking, 16mm film, and 16mm projectors.
I often think of how can I mine the unrealized potentials of analogue image making- both as a medium, and a tool for producing imagery.
Crucial questions are presented in the historical & technical challenges of this medium - phenomena of light, movement, spatial depth, narrative, audience, spectacle, repetition, meditation, modernity.
My studio is a living laboratory; 16mm Bolex camera, editing table, black box, photographs,splicer, scissor, tape. I use them to play, arrange, and make narrative relations.
I constantly think about the word ‘construction.’
I grew up in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I think about the massive infrastructural transformation this city (and many eastern African cities) are experiencing due to the speculative investments from economic powers, mainly by China.
I love african literature (primarily fictional) that speak to transformations of cityscapes, giving way to ‘progress’ and ‘modernity.’
What I try to create are fictional landscapes that are under the pressure of being constantly in flux.
I also try to question these terms as they come from people like Kant and Baudelaire (who have shortcomings in speaking of non-western geographies).
I use techniques of early cinema (a era of complete excitement in cinematic progress) - and this includes masking, glass matte painting, multiple exposures.
Some great influencers and informers of my work have been Sergei M. Eisenstein, Paul Virilio, Tacita Dean, Borges, Rosalind Krauss, Walter Benjamin.
I hope for it be a sight for potential to unpack and modify its ability to transform space and modify perception.'

> http://www.hasabiekidanu.com/


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