Jonmar van Vlijmen & Ronald Boer (NL)

In their collaborative practice, de Onkruidenier, Jonmar van Vlijmen (b. 1980, NL) and Ronald Boer (b. 1981, NL) explore forms of symbiosis between the realm of the cultural and the natural world. Through on site fieldwork and research, their artistic practice develops new interpretations on the relationship between human and nature. Their work transforms familiar everyday actions of classifying, cultivating, preparing and consuming of plants into experiential narratives. Currently their practice focuses on the evolving qualities of halotolerant (salt tolerant) organisms; species that use salt to their benefit in a world wherein 97,5% of all water is salty. To which extent can we, as humans, change anthropocentric perspectives on our environment towards plant life and become halotolerant ourselves?



Van Eyck Academie

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