09.03.17 – 11.03.17


From 9 to 11 March all the studio doors in the Van Eyck in Maastricht, the Netherlands, will be open again for the annual Open Studios.

The participating artists, designers, architects and curators are displaying the results of their residency at the Jan van Eyck Academie in their studios and other locations throughout and beyond the building. 

The central exhibition When Attitudes become Multiform is composed by participant Tim HollanderWhen Attitudes Become Multiform brings together the work of the participating artists in an integral installation.  In assembling this exhibition, Tim Hollander considered his own work together with that of other participating artists and items such as sketches, references, books and leftover materials from the studio as equal elements. With: Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Tim Hollander, Frank Koolen, Lilian Kreutzberger, Radna Rumping, Pieter van der Schaaf, Ola Vasiljeva en Lina Viste-Grønli

The poets and writers-in-residence presents a programme of reading from their own work.
Thursday 9 March at 15:00: K. Michel, Erik Lindner, Christine Bax
Friday 10 March at 15:00: Anneke Brassinga, Bregje Hofstede, Christine Bax, Eloise Sweetman
Saturday 11 March at 15:00: Rosan Hollak, Mustafa Stitou, Christine Bax. Dimitrios Rentoumis


The Van Eyck is also launching its newly established Jac P. Thijsse Lab for Nature Research. It is an adaptive centre of expertise for developments in the landscape, ecology and sustainability. The Lab enables artists to explore in depth, through their work, their relation to nature. It gives them an opportunity to do active research and to consider the subject of landscape in relation to ecological and urban development issues. The coordinator of the Lab, Yasmine Ostendorf is present to present the lab and its future activities

Thursday 9 and Friday 10 March from 12:00 - 17:00: the academy welcomes invited guests

Friday 10 March from 17:00 – 19:00: festive opening of the Open Studios with Ger Koopmans, deputy of Culture of the Province of Limburg + a special programme

Saturday 11 March from 10:00 – 17:00: the Van Eyck holds open house for the public at large


Participants Open Studios:

Abla elBahrawy (EG/NL) 
Albergo Rosa (BE/NO)
​Alessandra Covini (IT)
Anna Reutinger (US)
Anneke Brassinga (NL)
Bregje Hofstede (NL)
Christine Bax (NL)
Christine Verheyden (BE)
Daan Gielis (BE)
Damon Zucconi (US)
​Dear Hunter (NL/BE)
Dimitrios Rentoumis (GR/NL)
Eloise Sweetman (AU/NL)
Fabio Roncato (IT)
Fazed Grunion 
Grace Schwindt (DE)
Hannes Bernard & Guido Giglio (ZA/NL & BR/NL)
Imran Channa (PK)
Iván Martínez López (MX)
Jessica Segall (US)
Johanna Binder (AT)
Ju Hyun Lee (KR)
Julie van der Vaart (NL)
Junsheng Zhou (CN)
Katrin Kamrau (DE)
Kristina Benjocki (RS/SI)
Lena Bergendahl (SE)
Lilian Kreutzberger (NL)
Lucia Prancha (PT)
Marco Balesteros (PT)
Maria Pääkkönen (FI) 
Matthew C. Wilson (US) 
Meri Linna (FI)   
Mustafa Stitou (NL)
Orr Menirom (IL)
Paoletta Holst (NL)
Pieter van der Schaaf (NL)
Radna Rumping (NL)
Raewyn Martyn (NZ)
Rosan Hollak (NL)
Santiago F Mosteyrín (ES/NL)
Simon Wald-Lasowski (FR/NL)
Sol Archer (UK/NL)
Tim Hollander (NL)
Viktorija Rybakova (LT)


Image: Simon Wald-Lasowski


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