adviseur Rik Meijers

Van Eyck advisor and artist Rik Meijers gives a lunch presentation in the auditorium on Thursday 4 June at 12:30. You are most welcome to join. 

About Rik Meijers’ work:

‘With an eye for the extreme, and an aesthetic sensibility formed in the underbelly of pop and underground culture, Rik Meijers paints portraits of imaginary figures from the fringes of society. He portrays his post-punk subjects with reverence, imbuing them with a dignity they are not normally accorded in contemporary society. Still Meijers does not liberate these outsiders from hell, but rather brings his viewer deep into the spirit of the world they inhabit. He uses unorthodox materials like bottle caps, wax, tar, feathers, corks, glitter, shards of glass, beads and other materials. He applies a layer of lacquer to his imagination, he cuts and pastes, and he tars his roof.’


Van Eyck Academie

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