17.03.18 – 17.06.18

Anatomy Of The Digital

Van Eyck participant Tom Kok shows together with Van Eyck alumnus Jan Willem Deiman (Kok & Deiman) work in the group exhibition Anatomy Of The Digital at Kunstvereniging Diepenheim.

The group exhibition Anatomy of the Digital focuses on the wayward relationship between digital media and everyday life. Digital media have become cornerstones of our day-to-day experience and our actions. Based on invisible software and algorithms, they appear to exist outside of our physical perception. Paradoxical as this may seem, despite their abstract or fleeting nature, digital media undoubtedly generate their own visual language and tangible products which, as it were, form a tactile residue: physical traces and fragments of another, abstract dimension. In a variety of artistic practices, such residues generate in new materials, which map the contradictions between our physical autonomy and digital existence.

Anatomy of the Digital explores several of these highly diverse artistic positions, which draw on elements from the digital, whilst also relating to the discipline of spatial work in all its facets.

Curator: Alexandra Landré

Exhibition: 17/03 - 17/06

Kunstvereniging Diepenheim
Grotestraat 17
7478 AA Diepenheim
T (0547) 352 143


Image: Thomas Hämén • ‘Let Your Animation Run Wild’ 2017 • detail 


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