The Jac. P. Thijsse/Wilhelmina Minis van de Geijn Lab and the Pierre Kemp/Thérèse Cornips Lab organize their fourth Reading Group on Thursday 26th of October from 18:00 - 21:00

This month we have selected texts related to the topic of Body/Embodiment. Special guest is Van Eyck participant Sissel Marie Tonn.

We would like to invite you to join us reading the following texts. Most of them are available through links below, please send an email to yasmine.ostendorf@janvaneyck.nl if you would like to participate and receive the PDF from the Kathy Acker text.

Selected texts:
Kathy Acker, Against Ordinary Language, The Language of the Body
Stacy Alaimo, Bodily Natures (pages 1-25)
Mel Y. Chen, Animacies. Biopolitics, Racial Mattering, and Queer Affect (32 pages)
* Optional extra: Bruno Latour’s How to Talk about the Body? The Normative Dimension of Science Studies (25 pages)We look forward to hosting you.

Keep on reading!

Thursday 30 November
18:00 - 21:00
Pierre Kemp Lab (library)


Image: Karen van Herwaarden, Bodybuilding, aquarel, 2016


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