26.03.15 – 07.05.15


Participant  Pieter Paul Pothoven will be working from March 26 – May 7  in Kunsthuis SYB on a story about a generation of brothers and sisters whose lives are still influenced by the Second World War, even though they were born in the 1980s. One continues to seek out the war; the other wants nothing to do with it. All are marked by the legacy of their grandfather Wim; a laureled resistance fighter, yet also a man with a reprehensible shadow life that turned out to be incompatible with the prevailing image of the righteous, male war hero. Wim died as an outcast. In his latest project, De Familie Kool, the artist and writer explores through means of fiction, film and installation, the personal histories of a generation that has grown up in the shadow of an ambiguous resistance fighter. On 4 and 5 May, Pieter Paul will present the (interim) results of this project at Kunsthuis SYB. 

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