Matylda Krzykowski, Van Eyck participant, presents with Depot Basel, Design Date. Design Date is a special event, part of the London Design Festival 2014 at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. 

About Design Date:
Working in design means looking for opportunities that come through others. A designer seeks a producer; a curator hunts for a designer and vice versa. Emulating a live episode of the TV game show Blind Date, Depot Basel reflects how flirting can be an active part of our professional lives.

We all look for collaborators to define and anchor our creative ambitions. How can a compliment or adulation manipulate us to make a final decision to work with someone? And how do our ego and expectations deal with the impact and results of such actions?  By applying a critical twist to the entertaining and humorous format, Depot Basel wants to reflect how to charm and being charmed can be an active part of our professional lives.

The show is a format identical to the popular Blind Date show known from British TV. Instead of looking for a romantic partner, Design Date looks for professional partners. Three designers are introduced to the audience. They are questioned by a curator or producer, who can hear but not see them, to choose with whom he or she would be interested in working together. Before the decision ‚Rose‘, who won‘t be seen, gives an reminder of each contestant. The match then picks an envelope naming their destination for a professional lunch meeting.            

With: Brent Dzekciorius, Jana Scholze, Loris & Livia, Jacopo Sarzi, Oskar Wanless & Attua Aparicio, Hilda Hellström, Studio Swine, Marjan van Aubel, Clea Irving, Reinier Bosch & Carolina Wilcke            

Format: Design game show

Presented by: Depot Basel
Hosted by: Matylda Krzykowski
Voice of: Rose Etherington
Country of origin: Worldwide
Original language: English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 1 

18 September 2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
More info: Victoria & Albert Museum 


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