05.12.13 – 31.12.69

EP: A Less Speculative Workshop by Alex Coles

2 and 3 July

EP is a new series of books founded, co-edited and art-directed by Alex Coles in partnership with the leading Berlin based arts publisher Sternberg Press.

EPis the first critically underpinned series of publications that fluidly move between art, design, and architecture. The series creates a discursive platform between popular magazines (“single play”) and academic journals (“long play”) by introducing the notion of the “extended play” into publishing: with thematically edited pocket books as median. The first volume, released in May this year, is devoted to the activities of the Italian avant-garde between 1968 and 1976.

On Tuesday July 2 and Wednesday July 3 a group of participants at the Van Eyck will work with Alex Coles in the workshop: ‘EP: A Less Speculative Workshop’.

Taking the role of fiction in the work of artists, designers and architects writings as its point of departure, this workshop - the second in the series - involves a detailed discussion of a series of suggested readings by Van Eyck students, as a way to explore the possible scope of the second volume of EP, potentially to be prefaced by a conference at JVE in Autumn 2013 which would define its precise contents. 

 "Alex Coles is author of ‘DesignArt’ (Tate Publishing, 2005) and ‘The Transdisciplinary Studio’ (Sternberg Press, 2012), and is editor of ‘Design and Art’ (MIT Press/Whitechapel, 2007). He is Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield.  


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