Farewell to cook Jeffrey Kuckelkorn en Patty Jurgens

After putting the Van Eyck café-restaurant on the (culinary) map, we now say farewell to Jeffrey Kuckelkorn and Patty Jurgens of Cato catering. From January onwards they will focus solely on their Cato by Cato store in Mastricht and their catering activities. We thank Jeffrey and Patty for 4 years of inventive world cuisine, their commitment and hard work!

In January we kick off our brand new Food Lab in the Van Eyck. Every year, a new cook-artist-participant will run the kitchen and café-restaurant and will infuse the Van Eyck with new aromas, tastes and dynamics. From 8th of January onwards Van Eyck participant Rain Wu will be responsible for breakfast, lunch and sweets in collaboration with chef Marente van der Valk. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2018 in the Van Eyck Food Lab!


Photo: Eddy Simons


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