Food Art Film Festival: workshop with Ju Hyun Lee. Kimchi & Namul, on the border of wild and domesticated


Ju Hyun Lee is a Korean artist based in France, working with edible plants under the form of installation, performance, festivals. During this workshop participants will learn how to make kimchi and Namul, whilst learning to understand about their organisational ecologies.

Nature has great power to dress up naked soil with greenery, in order to preserve the moist in their bodies. It's the great collective work of millions of non-human actors — sun, seeds, weeds, worms, water, minerals, winds, bees, bacteria and trees. But, humans, especially, industrial farmers and old school gardeners, often don’t allow this natural process to happen, as it is not aligned to their synthetic operation. What we now consider to be 'bad' weeds, has been our main food since thousands and thousands of years. We have stigmatised the weeds and used them as a scapegoat for modern food production and distribution.

South-Korea followed the rapid process of modernisation of the West just a century ago. In Korea this change occurred speedy enough for many traditional values and architectures to be lost, but was too short to lose the ancestral culinary practice. Korean people still consume a lot of wild plants of large varieties. 

Kimchi and namul are traditional culinary techniques which could be highly useful for many ecological daily practices related to food. The key of these techniques stems from the excellent (but forgotten under the stack of supermarket stuff) idea that all non-toxic entities from nature which keep a good level of wildness, could be eaten, and even: they are considered to be more enjoyable than any ‘domestic’ vegetables. In this workshop Ju Hyun Lee will introduce kimchi & namul techniques, sharing reflections on the bodily and materially engaged ecology. This workshop includes tasting of wild kimchi from dandelion, common hogweeds, sorrel and lamb’s quarters, and will teach you how to make namul with fermented sauce, something which is essential for the powerful use of wild edible plants. 



€10, -

max. 20 people


Van Eyck Academie

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