Foreign Bodies - Dr. Regula Staempfli

On Friday 27 of February Foreign Bodies welcomes Dr. Regula Staempfli.

Dr. Regula Staempfli (BE) works as a political philosopher and lecturer in Germany, France and Switzerland (Design2Context, MAZ, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, SIPB, Institute for European IEW, Frauenseminar Bodensee, EHESS Paris etc.) teaching in German, English and French. She is the author of many textbooks and various scientific articles dealing, among other issues, with democratic theory, European political decision making, women's history, design, political communications and political philosophy. She has written extensively about bioethics and policies - working along the idea of people becoming living coins (f.e.: women don't have capital but are in fact capital). And in art: We don't see things how they are, we see them how we are.

Regula will act as research advisor to the resident and participants in a conversation grounded in a dialogue started via email over the month. We will delve into questions of the optics of public health policy, whose voices are included in collaboration, and the implications of charity's emphasis on 'women and children.'

17:00 -18:00
Studio 2.13
Staempfli will offer a short presentation on her practice and current projects.

For more information visit: http://foreign-bodies.com/


Foreign Bodies (A Van Eyck residency for PhD candidates in philosophy of public health)
—A presentation by Karisa Senavitis and researcher-in-residence Lloyd Akrong

28.01.2015 at 14:00, Van Eyck Auditorium

The Foreign Bodies program is a series of month-long residencies for public health PhD candidates to enter a community of socially engaged artists/designers to consider and shape their research outside of traditional formats (i.e. publishing in medical journals). In a concentrated time/space enriched by advisors from cultural practices and from major global public health institutions; the design/research pairing will explore the underlying questions regarding global health policies for infectious disease:

Can collaborators agree on what is being done and why? How could the process of international clinical trials be made transparent and open? How do the issues materialize? How could the work be articulated in a compelling new form? What new audiences might be reached? How do you give, take, loose and make voice?

On Wednesday 28 January, the developer of Foreign Bodies current Van Eyck participant Karisa Senavitis will share the thinking behind the program and introduce the first researcher-in-residence Lloyd Akrong, a research fellow at Maastricht University’s (the Netherlands) CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care.


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