08.04.16 – 01.05.16

Beyond Time - Julie van de Vaart

Van Eyck participant Julie van der Vaart exhibits her work at CIAP art centre, Hasselt (BE)

Beyond Time is part of the ongoing series HET KABINET: a promising artist gets the chance to show his/her work during one month at CIAP art centre.

“The work of Julie van der Vaart (NL, 1988) is like an expanding and contracting universe, in which the images operate in modularity, where flesh is intended to represent vulnerability and fragility, whilst images of the cosmos remind us of philosopher Henri Bergson's la durée, an awareness of our position in relation to deep time, that which passes slowly at a pace that we can't comprehend but in which we are always in a flow of becoming.” - Eleanor Duffin

Lombaardstraat 23
2300 Hasselt
8 April  - 1 May



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