10.03.16 – 08.04.16

In Search of...Peripheral Practices

In Search of...Peripheral Practices is the main exhibition of the Open Studios curated by participant Vincent van Velsen and will be on show until 8 April

In Search of... addresses the idea of physical and mental periphery as lively, rich and sometimes unexplored areas which in and over time function as fruitful sources to the conceptual centre. These principles relate to Boris Groys' notion of non-temporal newness and dynamic avant garde: continuously repositioning itself, thereby pushing limits, boundaries and conceptions – while ever disturbing, provoking, challenging and eventually enriching the existing realm.

The centre symbolizes the entrenched and established – including the museum as mausoleum - while the periphery epitomizes the bearer of unknown ideas, unadressed energy, undiscovered wealth and/or latent knowledge. Pointing out the essential value of the outside and outsiders, the works rove around the posited subject matter and touch on a referential framework which includes art, (-)history, economy, class, geography, imperialism, colonialism, regionalism, drifting, digitalisation, appropriation, the local, the global and the vernacular.

Contributors: Bianca Baldi, Kristina Benjocki, Teresa Cos, Seán Hannan, Jean Bernard Koeman, Cedar Lewisohn, Taus Makhacheva, Manifesta (Thonik), Metahaven and Alina Schmuch


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