In support of anti-racism protests

The Jan van Eyck Academie would like to unequivocally state its support and solidarity with anti-racism protests around the globe, the Black Lives Matter movement and other Black-led organizations. We support the worldwide call for an inclusive and equitable society and condemn institutional racism and systemic oppression.
The last weeks have shown us that it is not only important to state our support, but also to look closely at our own behaviour and the way we function as an art institute. We realize that we have our blind spots. Even as an academy with a pluralistic outlook, welcoming artists from all over the world, addressing topics ranging from decoloniality and feminism to declaring the climate emergency as the base of our programme, we continually need to be vigilant. We need to not only put these urgent topics on the agenda, but to embody them as institutional practices.

We are committed to scrutinize ourselves and our organization. And we need to develop tools to efficiently and constructively address our short comings. A first step is to instigate a task force for inclusion and diversity and build a charter. Together with our participants, our advisers and staff, we will shape the academy into an institute that holds reciprocity, respect, trust and equity at its heart.



Van Eyck Academie

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