21.03.16 – 23.03.16

lecture Alice Miceli at UvA

Alice Miceli, current Van Eyck participant, gives a talk on her Chernobyl Project during the Transparency/Opacity: ASCA Workshop 2016 at the University of Amsterdam.

Transparency and opacity are terms broadly used and interpreted as antonyms. They draw on the qualities of the human visual field, evoke the canonical sense of sight and challenge the idea that we are surrounded by an external reality that can be scrutinized and understood. The 2016 ASCA workshop aspires to explore the notions of transparency and opacity, as well as their nuances (which are not only a matter of visual apprehension) by questioning, redefining and rethinking them in order to create new constellations of meanings. To traverse the grey areas between the transparent and the opaque, we introduce three clusters of discussion: transparency / (in)visibility, opacity / camouflage / mimicry and obscurity / darkness.

Transparency/Opacity: ASCA Workshop 2016
Roetersstraat 11, Amsterdam
21 March – 23 March

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1645855245658013/



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