Living like an Artist

Last year Mirror, the Jan van Eyck's project agency, began a collaborative programme with the University of Maastricht titled Like an Artist. Continuing this year under the title Living Like an Artist, the project will study how artists are housed and what are the strategies for remaining active for as long as possible.
Participants at the Jan van Eyck Academie and students at Maastricht University and the architecture faculty of RWTH Aachen will develop models for dwelling and habitation, starting from life/work patterns currently prevailing among artists. 

The programme entails a study of how professional artists organize their activities in the latter stages of their careers, and of their experience of ageing in relation to creativity. It aims to shed new light on the unique lifestyle of artists and on how they deal with related contemporary challenges such as the mixing of public and private space, sustaining vitality, lifelong learning and creativity. It is the artists' lifestyle, not the artistic or other products of their work, that is central to the study. 

By taking this distinct angle, the project aims to offer society new strategies and models for dwelling, working and learning, potentially giving rise to innovative concepts and practices for "successful" ageing. The aim of the research is for its findings to be further applied to other social categories. The results of the project will be announced later this year and the four best dwelling models will be exhibited.


Supported by: BankGiroLoterij Fonds
In collaboration with: RWTH Aachen, University of Maastricht, RO Group BV


In the Framework of Living like an Artist, the researcher and sociologist Vera Gallistl will give a lecture on May 6 at Reifmuseum, Aachen


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