Maike Aden: "Where does the border lie...?" Communication and Networking Strategies of Ulises Carrión

On Wednesday 9 September at 17:30 art historian and musicologist Maike Aden gives a presentation at the Van Eyck.

Subject lecture:
The Mexican-Dutch artist Ulises Carrión (1941-1989) was one of the most versatile personalities of the artistic avant-garde of the international post-1960s art scene. By using all phenomenas of daily life instead of the art system, he developed a contemporary as well as an anticipatory aesthetic program in which ideas, information and collective exchange strategies were the basis for his very diverse activities that he reflected in highly elaborated theories.  The presentation will introduce in his life and work and point out the communication and networking strategies of Ulises Carrión. 

About Maike Aden:
Maike Aden is musicologist and art historian. After a comparative study on the works of John Cage and Pierre Boulez and a PhD on the artistic reception of Bas Jan Ader she works as assistant professor and researcher for art and art theory at universities and museums in Cologne, Osnabrück, Brussels, Porto and Madrid. Her main focus are the post-1960s avant-garde and recent art tendencies. Her work on the genre of artists' books includes the scientific responsibility for the research lab "Artists' Publications Keyword Directory" at the Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid, the reorganisation, documentation and presentation of a former artists' publishing house and its archive in Brussels and the research for exhibitions in the field of artists' publications in several European museums. Maike Aden lives and works in Brussels and Paris.


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