Manjot Kaur and Jakub Samek

On Wednesday, 14 October, at 17:30 participants Manjot Kaur and Jakub Samek are delivering presentations about their work and research interests. 

Join via Zoom (password: 555)

Manjot Kaur (b.1989, India) inquires the social, cultural, political and anthropological concerns of population, environment, and existence by employing the tools of absurdity, uncertainty, randomness and abstraction. By navigating between drawing, painting, installation, video, sound and performance she responds to her very direct surroundings and how nature and humans adapt to changing and sometimes hostile environment.  

Jakub Samek is a Czech graphic and type designer. His work, done independently or together with other designers and artists, has brought him to collaborate with Frieze Art Magazine, Jan van Eyck Academie, Nike, Sudek Project, Institute of Documentary Film, and Prague City Gallery, among others.

The Wednesday evening presentations started in 2013 with an aim to connect the Jan van Eyck participants and the public, share ideas and network, as well as encourage the residents to reflect on their residency period. 


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