15.03.19 – 12.04.19

Master Tools


In a distant past, in a bid to store and catalogue systems, travellersworldwide – namely apothecaries, missionaries, botanists and scientists – decided to build rooms for extraordinary apparatuses. Devices utilized for such tasks as imagining, traveling, observing and collecting, in order to possess materials from faraway lands and render them to suit their own vision of ‘the other’. Over the years these tools have been used for the benefit of humankind. Yet, as modern devices evolve so do their functionality, be it due to (de)colonisation and/or modernity. For the artists in this exhibition, the focus is on the retooling and re-appropriation of these instruments. In doing so, they reveal the complexity of the societies they originated from. They aim to manifest as closely as possible their presence in the complex and vastly changing world we live in.  

With: Claudia Martinez Garay, Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, Köken Ergun, Post-Museum, Roy Villevoye, They Are Here
Curated by: Riksa Afiaty

Friday 15 March 17:00 - 19:00 (during Open Studios)

16 March - 12 April 2019
Mon-Fri 9:00 – 17:00

5 April: Talk Pablo Jose Ramirez at Witte de With 

10 April: Film screening Heroes (2018) by Köken Ergun in Van Eyck Auditorium

Image: Post-Museum, Bukit Brown Index #132: Triptych of the Unseen


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