Food Art Film Festival: Microbiome Dinner by Marente van der Valk and Ed Begley


Microbiome diversity indicates the approximate number of bacterial species that live in a person’s gut. Each type has its own functions that are often complementary. A diverse microbiome can perform a broader range of tasks that regulate and compensate, making the whole digestive system more stable. External factors like a poor diet or antibiotics can cause one or several key species to disappear from the community. When there is a wide range of bacteria, other species take over these missing functions, but if the community lacks richness, this compensation mechanism may be compromised and cause dysbiosis, the imbalance known to precede illness. For example, patients with inflammatory bowel diseases and metabolic disorders have less bacterial diversity than healthy people – a pattern that is also observed in people who have taken antibiotics or have a poor diet.

A person's microbiome is organised into one of three types; ‘Western Gourmand, Grain Lover and Veggie Muncher’, that have been established by analysing thousands of samples from around the world.

Large-scale metagenomic studies have identified "enterotypes": stable combinations of bacteria co-existing in communities. Each person's microbiome correspond with different styles of nutrition. Your microbiome type can change should you significantly modify your diet or be subjected to external factors.

The dinner will be based around the three microbiome organisation types; ‘Western Gourmand, Grain Lover and Veggie Muncher’, composing a dinner based on ingredients on which bacteria that form the microbiome like to feed (whole grains, nuts, legumes and raw vegetables), but also probiotic ingredients and foods that add to the diversity of our microbiome (kimchi, miso, cheese, yoghurt, kombucha, pickles etc).

Three deliciously digestible courses served in a soothing surrounding, eating tools that slow your consumption rate and a seating plan which promotes a socially engaging dining experience amalgamate to aid good digestion and a happy disposition.

19:00 – Dinner in the Van Eyck garden
21:00 – Filmscreening including ARAYA by Margot Benacerraf


Van Eyck Academie

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