Mihnea Mircan

On Wednesday 15 June at 12:30 Curator Mihnea Mircan will give a presentation in Van Eyck’s auditorium.

All welcome to join.

About the talk:


The talk will depart from different theoretical formulations of the archival as artistic practice – of the mechanisms of validation and exclusion, memory and oblivion, tracing, erasure and re-tracing that subtend the forms in which artists collect and organize their material. In the hands of the artist, the archive is always the medium of a ‘malpractice’, insisting on gaps in systems of classification or lacunae in the historical record, rather than articulating the sense of a museological plenitude, of a homogenous time whose material sediments ground a sense of collective becoming and belonging. The talk will focus on foreign bodies, parasites that disrupt the coherence of the archive, looking at how a dialectic of dis-memberment and re-memberment is radicalized in projects by, among others, Teresa Margolles, Hans van Houwelingen or Ciprian Muresan.

Bio Mihnea Mircan::
An independent curator, Mihnea Mircan was the artistic director of Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp between 2011-15 where he curated A slowdown at the museum, The Corner Show, 1:1. Hans van Houwelingen and Jonas Staal, the series Cross- examinations, and Jean-Luc Moulène, Endwards. His recent work includes the long-term research project 'Allegory of the Cave Painting', which debuted with an exhibition in 2014 and a reader published in 2015. Mircan has also curated exhibitions at institutions including the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Museion, Bolzano; Stroom, Den Haag; Spinnerei, Leipzig; David Roberts Art Foundation, London; Fondation Ricard, Paris; Project Art Center, Dublin; and the Venice Biennale, as curator of the Romanian Pavilion in 2007. He was the editor of the books Hans van Houwelingen: Undone (2012) and Cross-examinations (2015), and has contributed essays to monographs on Pavel Büchler, Nina Beier, Patrick Nilsson, Jean-Luc Moulène and Laure Prouvost. His writing also appeared in exhibition catalogues and journals such as Mousse, Manifesta Journal and Afterall.


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