27.10.16 – 28.10.16

Instituting Ecologies Symposium

Van Eyck participant Eloise Sweetman partakes in the Curatorial Fellowship Symposium at De Appel Amsterdam. Also Van Eyck alumni Inga Meldere, Stefano Faoro and Jason Hendrik Hansma participate in the sympoisum.


Initiated with the question of ‘how institutions think’, this symposium will explore the idea of institutions as ecosystems, as well as their possible connections to urgent issues like climate change and future ecological disasters.

Instituting Ecologies will investigate curatorial and artistic endeavors that approach their practice through a questioning of traditional divisions between nature and culture, as well as the inside and the outside of an institution. Artists, curators and researchers are invited to present a multitude of terrains and discuss what an ecological consciousness within those contexts would mean.

How can contemporary art and its practitioners contribute to the current debates concerning the growth-oriented economy, as well as its impact on the natural world, social inequality and climate change? How can an ecological awareness be practiced through contemporary art and interdisciplinary projects? How can inherently human-made institutions be reimagined to include the rights of nature within their modus operandi? Are the divisions of nature and culture – enforced through modernity – still relevant for discussion? What might sustainability within exhibition making or instituting mean? Or is the preoccupation with ecology simply just another metaphor within our contemporary discourse? 

Instituting Ecologies is part of de Appel Curatorial Fellowship Programme and curated by Inga Lace, Curatorial Fellow ‘15/’16. This programme is made possible by the Ammodo Foundation.


Thursday, October 27
16.00-16.30 Introduction: A Few Notes on the Previous Endeavors of Art with Ecology, Inga Lace, Curator
16.30–17.30 Animals: the Only Real Outlaws, Oxana Timofeeva, Writer, Philosopher
18.00–18.30 Performance Animal Trial by Inga Meldere and Stefano Faoro, Artists

Friday, October 28
11.00–12.00 On Necessity for Slow Institutions, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez, Curator and Writer
12.00–13.00 Roll on, Roll on Phenomena, Eloise Sweetman, Curator, Writer, Researcher
13.00–14.00 Reading: Penumbra, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Artist
14.00–15.00 Lunch break
15.00–16.00 The Parasite, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Writer
16.00–17.00 Jennifer Teets, Curator, Writer and Gregory Castera, Curator, Co-Director of Council
17.00–18.30 Workshop: The Mushroom at the End of the World and Beyond, Simon van der Weele and Hannah Klaubert, Researchers

Venue: de Appel arts centre
Entrance: €7,50 (incl. coffee and tea)
Reservations : reservations@deappel.nl
Language : English



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