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Deadline: 9 January 2017 - midnight

The Van Eyck invites artists who have a strong interest in applying archaeology as a method in their own work to apply for a one-year research residency at the Van Eyck. The Heritage department of the Province of Limburg sponsors one place for an artist at the institute in the context of NEARCH (New Scenarios for a Community Involved in Archaeology).

The Van Eyck is a partner in the EU NEARCH project, which entails a long-term collaboration with Europe's leading archaeological institutes and faculties. NEARCH receives EU funding and spans a period from 2013 to 2018. The fields of archaeology and art diverge in significant respects but we can also observe many parallels between them. Not only do artists and archaeologists share a passion for probing what lies beneath the surface, but they endeavour to reveal things that were formerly disregarded yet which have the potential to change our views of the past, present and future.

The Materiality of the Invisible is one of several themes touched on by NEARCH. It forms the starting point for research into what it is that connects and distinguishes the work of artists and archaeologists. It presents an opportunity to learn about the respective professions, as well as to exchange knowledge and to debate their fundamental assumptions, in a period of rapid change and shifting cultural positions.

The selected artist will be expected to engage with the activities of NEARCH and with the rich cultural heritage of the Limburg region. Like NEARCH, the Government of the Dutch Province of Limburg is occupied with the question of how the contemporary relevance of that heritage can be furthered by new applications, new styles of presentation and new experience options. The artist will take his or her own artistic practice and research, combined with discussions with the heritage institutes and stakeholders of Limburg, the Netherlands and the world at large, as a basis for developing proposals, concepts and/or new work. The outcome will be presented at EAA 2017, the annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, which is taking place in Maastricht in 2017. This presentation will form part of a wider exhibition on art and archaeology, The Materiality of the Invisible, in the Van Eyck, Marres and Bureau Europa in Maastricht.

- One 1-year research residency at the Van Eyck
- A monthly grant and a working budget
- The support of Van Eyck advisors, use of the Labs, and being part of the international multidisciplinary community of the Van Eyck
- Participation in the EU project NEARCH
- Participation in the exhibition The Materiality of the Invisible spread out over 3 venues in Maastricht


Application deadline: 9 January 2017

Applying is done digitally and in English. Apart from the online application form, the other required parts have to be sent in one PDF file to application@janvaneyck.nl. For voluminous files (like videos), please insert a link to the server/website/You Tube/Vimeo where the file can be viewed. 

NB: Please make sure all the links to external sites work!  Double-check your links in the final PDF before sending it to us, if links do not work, the selection committee cannot review your application properly.

The registration fee is €65. The registration procedure is included in the online application: on finalizing the form you will be redirected to Paypal where you can pay the €65.

An application consists of:
1. the online application form
2. a PDF file containing the following parts. These parts should be preceded by a clear table of contents. The PDF file shouldn’t be larger than 10 MB.
a) a project proposal (max. 1000 words)
b) documentation of recent work (dating back no longer than 5 years, maximum 15 pages, 1 image per page)
c) your resume /C.V. (max. 2 pages)

Please submit your application by 9 January 2017 midnight
The results of the selection procedure will be known end of January
You can start your residency at 1 February 

All information about the application procedure; requirements, etc. can be consulted in English here. Please note that this information applies to the general, annual application round of the academy, and that some parts will not be applicable to the NEARCH research residency. The main exceptions are that you do not have to write an In-Lab proposal and you do not have to pay the annual enrolment fee of 2750 Euro.

The NEARCH programme brings together the following research organizations, universities and European cultural institutions:
Institut National de Recherches Archéologiques Préventives (FR), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR), Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit), Spanish National Research Council (ES), Institute of artistic, cultural and natural heritage of the Emilia -Romagna region (IT); Culture Lab (BE) Faculty Archaeology at the University of Leiden (NL) Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (PL), Archaeology Data Service, University of York (UK), German Archaeological Institute (DE), Jan van Eyck Academie (NL), CENTQUATRE - Paris (FR), University of Oxford (UK), University of Gothenburg (SE).
Associated Partners
Archaeology Unit of the city of Saint-Denis (FR), EAA - European Association of Archaeologists (CZ), ICAHM - International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (FR).

For more information: nearch.eu


Photo: ENCI quarry Maastricht


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