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New Director

The Van Eyck seeks a new Director to start on 1 September 2018. The new Director is expected to proceed from the existing strategy of the international post-academic institute in an inspired and inspiring way, whilst exploring new possibilities for increased depth and scope.

The Van Eyck enjoys a significant international reputation. The institute fulfils a unique role in stimulating artists from across the globe and nurturing their talents. As a multidisciplinary institute, it has an annual capacity for some 40 participants (visual artists, curators, authors, poets, designers, architects). Whilst in residence at the Van Eyck, the participants secure the time and space to expand on their artistic practice, they are invited to join projects and encouraged to develop collaborations. They are at the heart of the academy.

The Van Eyck is structured as a multiple institute; it consists of the Jan van Eyck Academie, The Hubert van Eyck Academie, Van Eyck Mirror and Van Eyck Services. The interaction between these constituent institutes is pivotal for the character and the quality of the Van Eyck.

The Director will be someone of authoritative standing in the Dutch and international art world. The Director will appreciate that maintaining good terms with national and regional stakeholders, with collaborating partners and with other external actors is of crucial importance to the existence of the Academy. 

The Director will develop, in consonance with changes in the art world, a dynamic artistic vision for the future of the Academy that translates into an ambitious yet realistic and transparent strategy and builds on the foundation of current successful strategies.  The Director will be responsible for the quality and diversity of the annually changing cohort of participants. In collaboration with the head of the artistic programme, the Director will develop an exciting annual programme of activities and will ensure engagement and input from a rotating team of advisors.

The Director will have distinct ideas with regard to the public programme of the Van Eyck. Together with the heads of Van Eyck Mirror, the Hubert van Eyck Academie and the Labs, the Director will guide the development of plans and projects that will benefit the character and finances of the Academy and ensure they reflect the overall vision and strategy.

The Director will be aware that the Van Eyck can balance its annual accounts solely with the help of earned income. It is therefore the Director's task to cultivate a network of sponsors, ambassadors, funding organizations and other institutions from the Netherlands and abroad, that recognise the importance and unique existence of the Van Eyck.

The Director will be a team worker, and will bring out the best in the institute's staff in the course of day-to-day management. The Director will stimulate and uphold an open working atmosphere and will foster collaborations that will benefit both the team and the participants and thereby the quality of their work. Since the Academy's renovated modernist building makes a significant contribution to the pleasant working environment, the Director will maintain its good condition.

The Director will cooperate closely with the Business Manager of the Van Eyck. Together they constitute a two-person team and organize their activities accordingly. Where needed the Director will act internally on behalf of his/her business management colleague.

The appointed Director is expected to be or become resident in the Netherlands or in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. The directorship of the Van Eyck is a full-time post requiring a presence in Maastricht for at least 3 days weekly and more often when circumstances demand. The Director will be capable of speaking and reading Dutch, or be prepared to develop the necessary fluency in Dutch within one year of appointment.

The strategy of the Van Eyck has changed since the start of the 2013-2016 cultural planning period. The points of departure are collaboration, connection and transparency; these qualities affect all constituents of the Van Eyck. Furthermore the multidisciplinarity and diversity of the Institute provides fertile ground for participants to build their artistic practice. The Van Eyck's policy plans (in Dutch) for 2013‒2016 (De levende spiegel. Kunst in de wereld) and 2017‒2020 (Levende Beelden. Licht in de spiegel) may be downloaded from here. Additional information on the Van Eyck and its current programme of activities is available on the Van Eyck website. For further details, please contact the Secretary to the Advisory Committee, Solange Roosen (solange.roosen@janvaneyck.nl, +31 [0]6 13 23 50 79).

Letters of application for the post of Director should be addressed to Mr. Karl Dittrich, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Van Eyck, by 1 November 2017. By preference, please submit the letter by email to Solange Roosen, Secretary to the Advisory Committee (solange.roosen@janvaneyck.nl). Please use the heading “Director Vacancy”. Submissions by post should be sent to Academieplein 1, 6211 KM Maastricht, Netherlands.

A round of selection interviews is planned to take place in the first two weeks of December 2017, and a second round will take place in February 2018. The Committee hopes to finalize the selection and to submit its proposed appointee to the Supervisory Board by March 2018. Following a meeting of the final candidate with the Supervisory Board, the definitive appointment of the new Director will take place in April or May at the latest. The appointment of the new Director will take effect from 1 September 2018.
The Committee consists of two members of the Supervisory Board, two members of the Van Eyck staff and one of the external advisors.

The Jan van Eyck Academie has its own statute of terms of employment, in which remuneration follows the practices of the National Government sector. The salary scale is consistent with BBRA Scale 15. The General Civil Pensions Act (ABP) is applicable.


The present Director of the Van Eyck, Lex ter Braak, will be well past his 68th birthday by June 2018. After seven years of successfully shaping and leading the Van Eyck, he will therefore be retiring from his post, leaving behind a lively, fertile and abundantly stimulating institute. His successor, to be appointed in September 2018, will have over a year to become familiar with the Van Eyck before readying the institute’s new policy plan for internal discussion in late 2019. It is expected that the new strategy for the 2021-2024 cultural plan period must be submitted to the Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Science), the Provincial Government of Limburg and the Municipality of Maastricht in February 2020. In this regard, the Van Eyck's Supervisory Board and Director concluded that now would be an appropriate moment to set in train the procedure for selecting a successor to the directorship. They are confident that the task of upholding the openness, energy and allure of the Van Eyck will be in safe hands under a new Director.


Image: Yeb Wiersma, Monde Possible, 2014. Daniel Silver, The Smoking Silver Father Figures, 2010. Frith Street Gallery, London. Photo: Werner Mantz Lab


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