During Museum Night Maastricht
Organized by
B32 & Van Eyck
Location: Van Eyck – basement
13 April 2018
20:00 – 01:00 

Tickets: Museum Night Maastricht

Most people think of a cellar as a damp, musty place, a space where spiders quietly spin webs between the soup cans, where the floor is cluttered with empty glassware and sprouting potatoes, with a bottle of jenever tucked away in a corner (for emergencies only, of course); a place where we tidy up once in ten years for appearances' sake. You'll understand how stunned we were when, with no idea what to expect, we pushed open a door in the Van Eyck in search of the source of various strange sounds that kept drifting up the stairway. In the dingy basement room, amid bottles and scurrying spiders, people were practising, jamming and improvising things. It turned out to be a rehearsal place for the 3rd Museum Night. Peering through the gap of the door, we spotted some familiar acts: the Dutch whistling champion, Grandma Riekie's Sound Mix Show, a scientist polishing up a lecture, Patrick the useless DJ, a treadmill with loads of running modes and uncle Tonnie on a motorized sofa. As for the other 19 acts, it was hard to figure out what they were about. Which is all the more reason to descend into the basement on 13 April. Let's hope we get to uncork those jenever bottles at last. It's high time!

Van Eyck and B32 present a continuous programme with acts by: Anan Striker, Anouk Schepens & Bas van den Berg, Mr. Awkward & Mr. Portfolio, Broken Toaster Records, Chaim van Luit & Joep Vossebeld, De Schuldjongens, Donna Carolena Burlesque, Fran Hoebergen, Germaine Sijstermans, Juan Pablo Plazas, Khe Siang, Los Dansing Queenc, Messieurs Delmotte, Lars Adams, Nowah Kater, OTOMAX, Rosa Vrij, Rowan van As, Simone Schuffelen, TimoArt, Vicky Sapouna & Filipe Neves Curral


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