09.03.17 – 11.03.17

Novella Christine Bax

During her residency period at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Christine Bax wrote a novella called If a cat like this is supposed to be evolved from a tiger - where lies the improvement??!!!

It is quite a disappointment to Rebecca, when her husband doesn’t manage to fuck her on their wedding night. A restless feeling grows inside of her, which is very unpractical, because this restlessness keeps her from concentrating on her work as a freelance translator. Her habit to continuously fantasize about sexy encounters with handsome strangers and her secret crush on her mysterious neighbour Kelly are not enough to make the restless feeling go away, even though the vacuum-cleaner-manual translation she is working on should have been finished days ago…


Book design: Louie Isaaman-Jones
Poster design: Michiel Heemskerk


Van Eyck Academie

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