02.06.16 – 05.07.16

Open Call Designers: new investigative work in the Van Eyck Labs - Creative Industries Fund NL

Creative Industries Fund NL and the Van Eyck Institute invite designers and creatives to submit proposals for the development of new investigative work, making use of one or more of the Labs of the Jan van Eyck Academie and its multidisciplinary context.
Four designers/creatives will be selected for a working period in Maastricht. A precondition is that the project will take optimum advantage of one or several Labs at the Van Eyck Academie and its multidisciplinary context. The Fund is offering a project bursary of €10,000 per person.

Submit a motivation letter and your portfolio by 5 July 2016 at the latest.

The Van Eyck is an international post academic institute for artists, designers, critics, writers, poets, and (landscape) architects. The Van Eyck is a multiform, open institute promoting (international) exchange. It organizes debates, workshops, lectures and informal meetings. Next to its own participants, the Van Eyck also opens its doors to other creatives to take advantage of its possibilities.

Creative Industries Fund promotes research, experimentation and interdisciplinary cooperation. Workshops play an important role in this regard. The Van Eyck institute has a number of workshops for technical experimentation using a variety of materials and techniques: The Charles Nypels Lab for printing and publishing, the Heimo Lab for wood and metal, the Werner Mantz Lab for photography and new media and the Pierre Kemp Lab, the library. These facilities are continuously being adapted to the needs of researchers and the latest developments in technology. The Labs are driven by innovation, research, craftsmanship and exceptional professionalism. New work can take shape here within the context of the interchange of ideas, reflection and research. The Labs collaborate and can be used in combination. For more information click here.

The applicants can determine the working period for themselves. This can be a continuous or discontinuous period, depending on the nature of the work being produced. The Fund’s financial contribution consists of a project grant for the creative (€5,000), an allowance for rental of the apartment (€1,500), and a contribution for supervision and use of the Labs (€3,500). The work programme will be determined in consultation with the creative, who will stay in one of the Jan van Eyck Academie’s apartments and can make use of all the institution’s facilities.

This call is open to designers and makers in the creative industries who live and work in the Netherlands or have a strong connection to the Netherlands (who, for example, finished their education here). The proposal can be submitted at the Creative Industries Fund through an online application. Deadline 5 July 2016.  
From the pull-down menus select the ‘Talent Development’ grant programme, then the ‘Open Call Working Period at the Jan van Eyck Academie’ round. 

The proposal consists of:

A motivational letter that explains a preference for one or more Labs, the period in which this will occur, and a clear, concise description of the project/research (max. 2 pages);

appendix I: portfolio (max. 15 pages);
appendix II: CV (max. 2 pages per proposal);
appendix III: proof of registration with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) that is no more than one year old. If you are not yet registered with a KvK, then this can be submitted subsequent to selection.

The PDF documents can include links to Vimeo films.

N.B. Request your log-in for the online application environment in good time and familiarize yourself with the application form. Validating a new user account for the Fund’s website can take up to one working day. For further information see the guidelines for online applications.

Two advisors, appointed by the Fund and the Van Eyck, will select a number of proposals for participation in the scheme based on the following criteria:

- the quality of the applicant’s work (portfolio);
- the relationship between the proposed project/research and the Lab;
- the motivation for participation in this scheme.

The evaluation takes the form of a tender: a number of proposals will be preferred above the others within the available budget. The selection of the proposals will be announced by e-mail. The Fund will only communicate about the selected proposals and will not enter into any correspondence about the rejection of individual proposals. The Fund will endeavour to announce the outcome by mid-August 2016. A maximum of €40,000 is available for this Open Call. The Fund expects to be able to support four proposals.


Applicants will be sent a confirmation of receipt by e-mail within a week of the closing date. The Open Call procedure is described in Creative Industries Fund NL’s General Subsidy Regulations. The Fund’s secretariat cannot offer advice about a draft version of the proposal. For questions about this Open Call and the procedure, please contact Anouk Laverge: a.laverge@stimuleringsfonds.nl or 010 436 1600.


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