28.09.18 – 02.11.18


"Fragmentary totality, in keeping with what should be called the logic of the porcupine, cannot be situated in any single point: it is simultaneously in the whole and in each part. Each fragment stands for itself and for that from which it is detached.”
        Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe and Jean-Luc Nancy, The Literary Absolute

Porcupine is centered around the notion of the fragment and its relation to the system. Every work and poem in the show have a sensibility of extracted moments, time in its purest state. It is a search through language and objects that asks questions about use rather than meaning.

With: Steve Bishop, Michael Earl Craig, Keren Cytter, Moyra Davey, Jason Dodge, Paul Elliman, Emily Kendal Frey, Kevin Gallagher, Noelle Kocot, George Rippon, Joke Robaard, Josef Strau

Curated by: Artun Alaska Arasli
Graphic design: Sean Ervan Kuhnke

28 September 17:00 ­– 19:00

29 September – 2 November 2018
Mon-Fri 9:00­ – 17:00



Van Eyck Academie

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