27.06.15 – 27.09.15


The Charles Nypels Lab and former Van Eyck participant Zohra Opoku participate in PRINT, curated by Sigrid Calon

PRINT is a cross-disciplinary exhibition featuring artists who are fascinated by work on paper. It is a (broad) presentation and at the same time an inquiry into the use of print and digital techniques in different media.

Visual artist Sigrid Calon was asked to curate this project at WOW and to give it a distinct shape and content. Inspired by the beauty and playfulness of the WOW staircase (the Vertical Gallery), she created compartments for various artists but also arts organisations. Calon stresses the significance of these, each with its own specialism and visual language.

With most she has a special connection. Printer Knust from Nijmegen, for instance, or Grafisch Atelier Daglicht with whom she fell in love. Her first book was published through the Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. In addition, she invited Whatspace from Tilburg as well as PrintRoom from Rotterdam and Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier (AGA), incidentally housed right next to WOW Amsterdam.

Apart from manual work involving printing and pasting (such as silk-screen print, etching, RISO and collage), experiments will take place with digital print using industrial machinery from Fuji and Mimaki.

A small publication will be printed, too, partly using RISO and partly in full colour by Fuji, and on different types of paper and using various print techniques. The love of print and of detail is the common denominator. The different approaches, each with their own handwriting, are entirely unique and highly diverse.


- Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier: Ruth van Beek, Michiel Schuurman, Zeloot
- Knust: Danielle Lemaire
- Grafisch Atelier Daglicht: Linda Arts, Mo Swillens, Margriet Thissen
- Van Eyck: Zohra Opoku
- PrintRoom
- Whatspace: Koen Delaere, Bas van den Hurk
- Collaboration Calon: Sigrid Calon, Sanne Jansen, Dave Keune, Willem van Zoetendaal

More info: www.wow-amsterdam.nl


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