Objectifying through Language

We would like to invite you to our 8th Reading Group, this time on objectifying through language. The Reading Group will take place on Sunday the 27th of May from 10-12 in the garden of the Van Eyck Academy. For those not familiar with the concept: this is a free gathering for which we invite you to read a selection of short texts around a theme, for us to collaboratively discuss. You are also welcome if you didn’t manage to read everything but have thoughts on this topic. 

This month’s theme is objectifying through language, meaning the selected texts zoom into how the naming of things influences and changes identities, perspectives, and interpretations. Our starting thought comes from Chris Krauss' I Love Dick (2006) p.202, Semiotext(e)

'My entire state of being’s changed because I’ve become my sexuality: female, straight, wanting to love men, be fucked. Is there a way of living with this like a gay person, proudly?

To expand on this thought we have selected the following texts.  

1. A selection of The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson
2. On circlusion by Bini Adamczak 
3. Emily Wilson's 'Odyssey' Scrapes The Barnacles Off Homer's Hull by Annalisa Quinn

There will be drinks, snacks and further references to read together. Please let us know by replying to: yasmine.ostendorf@janvaneyck.nl if you’re planning to attend. 

Keep on reading! 

Victoria and Yasmine


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