SCREEN MATTER #2 - Performing Film with Sven Lütticken

Screen Matter is a moving image programme organized by Van Eyck participants Alessandro Bertelle, Daniel Jacoby, Graham Kelly, Urok Shirhan and Beny Wagner. Screenings take place at the Lumière Cinema. 

On Tuesday 19th January at 19:30 you're welcome to join the screening of  The Big Sleep 2 by Barbara Bloom (1977) and Ulises Carrión’s The LPS File (1985). The screening is followed by an analysis and discussion by Sven Lütticken (in English).

Bloom’s video, which is a slightly altered version of the film-noir classic, is related to her screening of such films in Dutch cinemas during the late 1970s; Carrión’s video is a fictionalized documentary about his Lilia Prado Superstar film festival in Amsterdam (1984), which featured films starring the Mexican actress. Sven Lütticken will analyse these videos in the context of film screening practices by artists during this period (mid-1970s to mid-1980s), focusing on the shift from the film on the screen to the screening of the film. Tampering with the cinematic apparatus, the artists perform film in ways that stress frames over images, process over product, and context over content. With moving images migrating to ever more post-cinematic platforms, these practices have come to be endowed with a renewed, anachronistic contemporaneity.

Practical information:
You can buy your tickets (5 euro) at Lumière Cinema on the evening itself or by clicking on this link

Tusday 19 January
19:30 - 21:00
Lumière Cinema
Bogaardenstraat 40b
6211SP Maastricht

For the full programme:

Screen Matter is an In-Lab set up by current Van Eyck participants, with the support of Lumière Cinema.


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