29.04.16 – 10.06.16

See the Lightness


In 2015 Van Eyck Mirror asked designer Lucas Maassen to work as temporary artist-in-residence in the Heimo Lab (metal workshop). For the exhibition SEE THE LIGHTNESS Maassen has taken the famous perforated aluminum chair made by Gerrit Rietveld as his inspiration. This chair was intended for mass-production however Rietveld and his sons ultimately produced only four. As Lucas Maassen also works together with his (pubescent) sons, they have decided to re-produce this chair but in five unique parts: an exact copy, a version with holes shot into it by a firearm, an exact copy made of carbon, and a new poem written by K. Schippers as part of a publication on this project. For the exhibition also one of the original Rietveld chairs will be on display from the chair collection of the faculty of Architecture of TU Delft. 

The different components of SEE THE LIGHTNESS are part of the Van Eyck Editions and will be on sale as a limited release.

30 April – 10 June
Mon – Fri from 09:00 – 18:00


Van Eyck Academie

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