Open Farm

Van Eyck participants Matylda Krzykowski and Anna Bak present their In-Lab project 'The Farm' on Thursday 30 October at 17:30 at the Van Eyck. 

The Farm is an equal and temporary society that is focused on production. The Farm is devoted to the practice of making, discussing and organizing art & design through experiment. The Farm can be a holding of any size, and take place at any location. The Farm can be operated by designers, artists, theorists or writers. In fact by anyone. All knowledge harvested is to be used by everyone who joins The Farm. The first edition of The Farm is taking place at the Van Eyck in the form of a 3-day workshop focussing on the topic of FAILURE. The outcomes will be made public during this evening of Open Farm.

Subsequently at 20:00 there's dinner for € 6,- at the Van Eyck café-restaurant. Please reserve your seat before Wednesday 2:00 p.m. via Jeffrey Kuckelkorn: t: 06.51 09 86 19 / e: kuckelko@xs4all.nl 


Location: Van Eyck Project space

More info: http://jointhefarm.tumblr.com/

This In-Lab is initiated by Matylda KrzykowskiAnna Bak and Christophe Clarijs


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