17.09.14 – 05.10.14

Unstraight Art

Van Eyck participant Conny Karlsson Lundgren shows Koncert në vitin 2014 (Bunny) produced in Tirana during the Unstraight Alliance Art Residency.  After the showing in Zeta Galeri in Tirana, the work will be on show, together with work by art collective HAVEIT, in the Stockholm Läns museum / County Museum. 

Koncert në vitin 2014 (Concert in the Year 2014) departs from the 1978 Albanian film Koncert në vitin 1936, which formulated a subtle, yet sharp critique of the Communist system (from) within the system itself. 

The Unstraight Alliance Art Residency is a collaboration between Aleanca Kundër Diskriminimit të LGBT from Albania and The Unstraight Museum from Sweden.

Opening: 17 September, 5:30 p.m.
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