25.09.15 – 30.10.15

Utopian Dinner Party


This exhibition takes as its starting point a dinner party at the Van Eyck. Invited are among others Sir Thomas More, Michel Foucault, Walt Disney, Chantal Mouffe, Marshall McLuhan, Carl Sagan and Susan Sontag. Over dinner, the guests engage in a scripted conversation that reveals some of the successes, failures, limits and absurdities of utopia. Framing the dinner party not as a live event but as a cinematic moment, the resulting film(s) make for a dynamic, discursive installation in which ideas are not only displaced in time but also within the limits of the architecture of the building.

The Utopian Dinner Party is organized by Van Eyck participants Christophe Clarijs, Marine Delgado, Alessandro Bertelle, Yuyeon Cho and Brenda Tempelaar in collaboration with Maastricht University Master students Gintare Medisauskaite, Annelie Graf, Julie de Munck, Cristina Stoenescu.

26.09 – 30.10.2015
Mon to Fri 9:00 – 18:00


Van Eyck Academie

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