05.12.13 – 31.12.69

Van Eyck house style by Meeusontwerpt

The new Van Eyck house style was designed by Meeusontwerpt. The basis was the ‘vernacular’ hand-painted type that Pierre Bonten, then caretaker and house painter, used. Commissioned by Meeusontwerpt former participant and graphic designer Jens Schildt and Matthias Kreutzer have developed the letters into a typeface that is called Bontepike. In the official printed matter of the institute this typeface will be combined with the Futura typeface. All printed matter is home-made: it is printed at the Charles Nypels Lab. In the design the mirror and the meeting space feature prominently, but the colours and round shapes change continuously. Please note that a letter sent by Van Eyck can very well be a unique copy.   


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