Video Power Night

On Friday 25 November at midnight Video Power Night takes place: a screening of filmsĀ made with the support of Video Power, broadcasted by the Limburg TV and radio network L1.
Three films by Van Eyck participants Klaas van Gorkum & Iratxe Jaio, Lucia Prancha and Jessica Segall will be screened.

Video Power is a platform based in Maastricht (NL) that furthers the creative production of audio-visual material in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion.
The Werner Mantz Lab of the Van Eyck is a partner of Video Power

Thomas - Britte van Meurs (2016, 4:57)
Ultimas Palabras - Klaas van Gorkum & Iratxe Jaio (2014, 29:18)
Diep in de stad- John Weilacher (2016, 6:51)
About Faces - Lucia Prancha (2015, 13:11)
Hashigo - Lucas Kramer (2014, 10:55)
Een Vilein Gebied - Lars Konings (2016, 4:10)
Breaking Ice - Jessica Segall (2014, 13:43)
UAO Radio Television Late Night Show - John Weilacher (2014, 39:15)


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