Writer-in-residence Niña Weijers

Writer Niña Weijers will give a presentation about her work on Wednesday 5 November at 17:30 in the auditorium of the Van Eyck.  Weijers is the first writer-in-residence at the Van Eyck. Weijers studied literary theory in Amsterdam and Dublin and wrote short stories and essays for several literary magazines. In 2010 she won the writing competi­tion Write Now! On 21 May she debuted with the novel De consequenties (The Consequences), with which she won the Anton Wachterprijs 2014, the bi-annual prize for the best prose debut. 

The writer-in-residence programme is organized by the Van Eyck in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation for LiteratureYoung talented writers will stay for two months at the Van Eyck and participate in the programme. The results of their stay will  be presented during a public event.


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